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You must first know the things you need to write down before undergoing Numerology reading sessions. Among the important information for you to write down are your name, address, telephone number, birth date and even the birth date of your significant other. In simpler ways, you may start dealing with Numerology reports by writing down your name and birth date. These items can already give you information with regard to yourself. The reader can now start to use these pieces of information in calculating your numbers. Writing these pieces of information down can help you and the reader calculate your numbers. A Numerology report allows you to interpret these calculated numbers which will let you become informed through the meanings associated on each number.
Listed below are some tips you may use in getting a Numerology report using your birth date. Do not forget to use accurate resources to also have an accurate report.

  • Calculate you number using your birth date. Your birth date is composed of a birth month, date and year. Using the number equivalent of your birth month, find the single digit equivalent of this month number (if it is a two digit number).
  • Next, get the single digit number equivalent of your date. Repeat the step where in you need to keep on adding the digits until it becomes a single digit number.
  • Lastly, find the single digit equivalent of your birth month. Do not forget to keep on adding to achieve its single digit equivalent. With these numbers, you must find their sum and add the digits if it is a non-single digit number. Continue adding the digits until you get the single digit equivalent of your birth date number. This is called as your lucky number.
  • Your lucky number represents the things that you may acquire in the future with the use of your charm and wonderful personality. Consequently, it may also describe your future obstacle because the negative traits you posses. With this, it gives you supplementary information about yourself. You can be informed with what you do not know about yourself.

Through the use of information you gathered and calculated from some of the details about you, you can now compose a report with regard to your numerology reading. Many people call this as Numerology report. Learn to work with both your lucky number and destiny number. Your lucky number represents your birth date while your destiny number is associated with your name given to you at birth. With these numbers in hand, you will be more informed with what you already have, what you will have and what you may have. By utilizing the personality characteristics and traits given in this report, you may focus on your strengths and avoid the use of your weaknesses if not fully remove. This report serves as your guide in achieving the best things in life. Nonetheless, you must always be sceptical with the reports you attain. Not all Numerology reports provide you full knowledge about yourself. It is for you to find these things out.


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