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Psychic Readings

Here at ClairvoyantMediums, we offer a range of Readings. You can choose from having a Phone, Email or Online reading with your selected psychic, medium or clairvoyant.


Phone Readings

Phone psychic readings are delivered over the phone. They are the most popular form of psychic readings as phone has become an indispensable and universal accessory of human make up these days.

Email Readings

As the name suggests, email psychic readings are sought and delivered through email. It is the best option for those who can afford to wait for the pleasure of the psychics to reply. Both the clients and the psychics can work peacefully without being in a huff resulting in misunderstandings that sometimes occur over chat or phone readings.

Online Reading

Also known as psychic chat, online reading, as the name suggests, is generally provided through the chat platform available on the psychic websites. Most reputed websites have panels of psychics some of whom are available to reply to the queries of the clients.

Clients type their questions and the psychics type back the replies. Quite often the new clients are allowed to ask a certain number of questions and receive the replies free of cost. Sometimes, the websites ask the clients to provide their names and email addresses before they can ask the questions. This is done so that the website owners can send them newsletters and other information material for advertisement.


How and Where to Get an Authentic Psychic Reading

Fortune tellers, tarot card readers, seers and clairvoyants are sought-after individuals because many  people are searching for answers to a wide array of issues and concerns, particularly during these stressful times.  If you're a first-time psychic reading customer, it can be quite easy finding a psychic.  Just browse through the pages of the local newspaper, or scan the Internet, and you'll see lots of ads promoting  a wide assortment of psychic services.  But finding legitimate and reputable psychics can be a tough a tough task, because scam artists are simply too good at covering up their tracks, and they're also great when it comes to pretending that they're legitimate. Here are a few helpful hints on how to find authentic psychic reading services.

Get An Understanding Of What Psychics Can, And Cannot Do

Before you start looking for a fortune teller or medium, it would help if you first gain an understanding of the abilities, and limitations of psychic readers.  Let's say for example, you're looking for specific information, such as the winning lottery ticket for next week.  You can't expect any psychic to just give you the winning number combinations, as they cannot predict the future this way.  In fact, most psychics will tell you that the future is not pre-set, like a computer program or video game, and your actions and decisions contribute towards the outcome of your destiny. 

Intuition:  The Main Weapon in A Psychic's Arsenal

According to paranormal experts, the crystal ball and the tarot deck are not the main tools psychics use to see your future.  They actually use one thing – intuition - to sense, feel and see things about a person.  This intuition is used to find a person's career path or purpose in life, as well as to find ways for dealing  with personal or family problems and issues.  Some psychics even have the ability to detect or diagnose medical problems, along with offer dependable advice on health issues. Some psychics also have the skill to help the living communicate with relatives and family members who have already died.     

How To Find Reputable Psychic Readers

One of the best ways for finding reputable psychic reading services, is the Internet.  Using your favorite search engine, type in phrases like “psychic reader” for instance, and you'll be listed with hundreds of service providers in  a flash.  Also do a search for psychic reviews and commentary from other online customers.  If you see positive feedback from more clients, then it would indicate that the psychic offers reliable service.  However, if you see nothing but negative reviews, then that person could just be a scam artist.     

Once you've talked to a preferred psychic reader, don't just give out any information upfront, because if the medium asks a lot of questions, then they could just be faking it.  Real psychics generally will know details about a person, even if they weren't told.  Also try asking the reader if he or she could give a free trial.  If the fortune teller or medium won't give you a sample of what he/she can do, then he could  be hiding something, or he probably just doesn't know what he's doing. Always look for accuracy in a psychic reading session.  While no psychic reading is 100 percent precise, a reputable psychic should  be more than able to offer interesting and meaningful insights that are related to your specific question.


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